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Being paid for your photos
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Good day,
Please help me understand the raitonal as to why the FAA does not let a hobbyist sell their photos. As a hobbyist I can oocupy the same air space as a 107 pilot liencee. Did you know having a 107 lience doest not certifiy if you can even fly the drone, only that you have the safety knowledge. This being said, should the FAA really only concern themselves with safety in the air space? So would someone please tell me how selling pictures has anything to do with air space saftey?  Here is the kicker.... I can still take pictures and videos for myself.
Last thought for now..... can I give my pictures / videos away for free without any conpensation?   The key word that the FAA uses ... you can not "sell" you photos.... Does it say anywhere that I can't give them away ????
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