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463 0 2020-1-11
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Flight distance : 1178730 ft
Dominican Republic

Hello. I use a Mavic 2 Zoom and recently I noticed that I'm missing some flight records. Please note that:

-I have NOT logged out of my account and I've only flown with the same account.
-The DJI GO 4 app is and has always been up to date.
-I always sync (all) my flights after I'm done for the day.
-I've only used my iPhone XS Max Pro lately, no other device was used for the missing flights.
-My iOS is and has always been up to date. This has been happening since iOS 12- and also now iOS13.X.X, so I can't blame the OS.
-I haven't deleted anything.
-The missing flights are normal flights between recorded flights.

If you see the picture, the red circle is where a missing flight was supposed to be, in between flights made right before and after the missing one.  

Any idea of why this is happening? How can I prevent it from happening? How can I recover my missing flights?

Thanks in advance.

Use props
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