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Any News on Fixing the Garbage Mimo App?
300 2 1-12 08:26
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United States

As I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Mimo app you must use to connect the Osmo Action to a device is absolute garbage. It requires GPS, WiFi, AND Bluetooth to be active to do anything. This in turn renders whatever device you're using a brick untilyou disconnect the Osmo. You can use data thus meaning you can't immediately share anything you pull.

Furthermore let's talk about privacy: Why does the app require GPS when it is being used for absolutely nothing? On top of this it prevents you from using it with a device that doesn't have GPS which is stilll fairly common in tablets.

Why does it require both Bluetooth and wifi? I connect Mt gopro to my phone using wifi only and transfer via Bluetooth without any issue. Why has DJI elected to make a simple camera require every function on your phone that makes it a phone to use a camera?

And I know this is about the app. But let's not forget that DJI ruined the rock steady by thinking they knew what was best when a simple rock steady inte sity setting would have been all we needed because a couple people complained about a screen you don't use on an action camera being slightly laggy.
1-12 08:26
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United Kingdom

Have you tried posting in the Osmo Action forum?
1-12 09:17
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Any news on how to post in the proper forum? Yes! ... p;extra=#pid2047747
1-12 14:28
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