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Battery Charging Question
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Would there be any risk to the battery performance if I had a charging station plugged into a smart plug. The smart plug is programmed to turn off after 3 hours after it was turned on automatically. If the plug is turned off to stop any additional charging, would my batteries be safe sitting on the charging station after being fully charged? Will the batteries still appropiately discharge while plugged into a charging station that has no power to it?

I tried to search a few different keywords and couldn't find someone asking this same thing. Sorry in advance if I'm just blind and this has been discussed previously.

Thank you!

1-13 23:12
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day RitZtoRubble. Thank you for reaching out and for the information. I hope that you will get the best recommendation from our valued DJI co pilots regarding this matter. Just a reminder that you can use the DJI Mavic Mini Charging Hub to store your DJI Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Batteries. Just a reminder that the battery's performance will be influenced if it is kept idle for a long time. To maintain the battery's active state, it is recommended that users charge and discharge the battery every three months. Do not completely discharge the battery and then store it for a long time; otherwise, the battery will over-discharge and the battery cells will be damaged, which will make the battery unusable. In addition I will be posting a link where in you can see the manual of the DJI Mavic Mini Two-Way Charging Hub ( ). Thank you.
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