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Sony A7III hangs writing data to SD Card
151 1 1-19 03:25
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Hi all,  
Bit of a painfull issue. When ever I try to use the Ronin S in any fashion that requires stills, such as timelapse, it locks up the A7III into writing data to the card.

I've only had the unit for a few days so quite possible it's user error. Everything is balance and I followed the directions on how to set up the A7III and Ronin S using the MCC - USB C Cable. Camera is set to PC remote as directed. The only thing i can see that seemed odd is that in the Menu settings you only have the option to write data to PC only or PC and SD. There is no option for SD only. I was thinking maybe the camera is trying to write data to something that doesn't exist and hangs.

If i unplug the Ronin S from the camera the A7III finishes writing and is fine again until the next time i try to use it for a still on the Ronin S.

Even without the app, if i just try to take a still using the cameras shutter while it is attached to the Ronin S it just goes into continuous writing until I unplug the cable.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


1-19 03:25
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I had an issue where I switched it from MTP so I can delete files from the PC and/or I removed SD and messed w/ files outside the A7 III.  It corrupted many things and having that writing issue.  I had to factory reset the A7 III.

Just factory reset and use the cable that you attached to the microUSB port and set to MTP.  The DJI cable that isn't in an L in anyway as that one doesn't allow shutter control but it's more streamlined for video so if I'm doing video alone I prefer that one though I would've never ordered it if I knew it can't shutter control.
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