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Are there a lot of lost signal, fall down cases with the drones?
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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie and just ordered my first DJI drone. I read some posts about flyaways and falling down with the drones. Are these really true or just if I fly near to a radio station or something like that?

An example. I fly with my Mavic air, I'm about 1-1.5 km far and 120 m high and my drone suddenly lost signal, lost GPS and never gonna come back or fall down and broke?

Is there any other issues which I have to be aware of?

Thanks for you help
1-22 13:04
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Hi I lost signal  several times. So far a drones come back to a home point
1-22 19:14
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There is always the posibility of a flyaway or crash. Provided you stay line of sight and remember to make sure your antennas are out and the drone has been calibrated correctly then you will reduce the chance of this happening. Most drones now will return to home point should you lose connection. Fly safe.
1-22 23:08
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Hello and good day KBT. Thank you for choosing DJI and thank you for reaching out. In flying your DJI drones please remember to have a pre flight checklist to check the environment and the drone if everything is working fine. In addition I will post a DJI Forum Thread on DJI flight checklist ( ). I hope this information can help. Thank you and have a safe flight always.
1-27 13:36
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