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DJI Spark (Speed Error)
321 2 1-22 16:58
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Flight distance : 4488 ft


Hey so was out flying doing some video in tripod mode. I got to the end of my path i was videoing and decided to put the spark in sports mode to get it back to me quicker to contiune on a different clip for a video i wanted to do. On return in sports mode coming back which was 200ft away, was in clear line of sight as was on top of a small hill. i went to accelerate higher altitude to get over top of trees and suddenly it wouldnt respond, I seen it hit a tree top and was not sure why it did not do anything, Was thinking pilot error of some sort. Cant find where it landed with all the snow on the ground, spent 3hrs looking. Went to check flight logs today and at the very bottom it says "Speed Error" which is the last flight log i have. I have looked on my map from log to know where the location it went down.

I contacted support online chat to find out that after 12 months they dont support anything. Was asked to pay $65 to get my data diagnosed to which reply that it wouldnt matter anyways cause its passed 12 months. There is nothing that can be done, even though its not my error? Has anyone else had this issue? What exactly is a "Speed Error" ?

Ive never had a issue yet. Guess after looking around there are other people that have had this issue of some sort & still not fixed. Dont think ill be getting another one.

Flight Log

Flight Log
1-22 16:58
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Flight distance : 584944 ft
United States

The GO4 app likely knows where it was last it saw it. Try the "Find My Drone" feature and it should lead you right to it, though it might be under some snow.
1-25 09:14
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Jakab Gipsz
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Unfortunately, this is a known error. There are many posts in this forum about this. Compass error, speed error and YAW error occur together. You will then switch to ATTI mode.
Find the Compass error and read a lot ...

1-25 15:54
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