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s1000+ with A7r mapping work flow
1062 1 2015-6-12
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I recently got a s1000+ with A2 and an A7r and I mostly use it for video and photography but I would like to use it for 3d mapping and surveying as well. I understand that for surveying the a7 may not suffice but for general mapping I know it will. I have seen Pix4d before and their software but the app only works for the P2's correct? The s1000 also has the ipad ground station which should work for mapping out areas.
I was wondering how to go about 3d mapping with this setup and i have a few main questions

1. what software or settings to use for the photo capture and flight planning on the drone?
2. what to do about geotagging since the a7r does not have a built in gps?
3. what program or software to render the map?
4. and what would be a gerneral work flow for this whole process?

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United States

This might help:

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