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New RC, when flying all buttons work except the sticks.
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My original RC from fly more combo USB port finally broke so without being able to connect my OTG or even charge the sucker I bit the bullet and bought a new RC.
Had no problem pairing it, I'm well aware of the procedure at this point. Get the solid green light on the RC, connect to tablet and launch DJI Go 4. No problem.
Push sticks down and in, no Motors. Thumbsticks down and out no Motors. I think hmm, let's go ahead and do a auto takeoff  in the app, see what happens. Drone's in the air and I've got no sticks, nothing. Function buttons, work.
Camera buttons, work. Gimble scroll wheel even works, but nothing from the sticks.
I go to calibrate menu and no input can be registered from the sticks. I even re-pair my old RC and it works beautifully. Did I really get a bum RC out if the box?

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Hi. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. With regards to this concern, May I know where did you purchased the said remote controller and may I know the model of the said drone and remote controller? Kindly please provide me the serial number of your drone and the remote controller that has the issue via PM. Please keep us posted. Thank you.
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You probably did.
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