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Ronin M or MX?
402 1 2020-1-25
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Hello everyone,

So I am looking forward to purchasing either the Ronin M or MX as a long term. In the beginning I will be using the Canon EOS R - Mirrorless (with cage) and along with Atomos 7", microphone and maybe follow focus system. Later on, I shall be using bigger cameras like the Sony FS or Canon C Series or even Panasonic. I wanted to hear from you guys in comparison to which y'all would suggest me to go for as I know both of them are old models out there and there is no sign of any new gimbals coming out anytime soon.

I will be mostly shooting automotive including rollers and event coverages. I don't really have the Ronin S in mind as it has some limitations and I believe the motor is not as strong at the M or MX. I do agree that the motor issues are normal on all the gimbals but I really can't afford to have problems. I would like minimal issues and maintenance possible with the duration of usage.

  • How do both perform in windy and heat conditions?
  • Are both motors equally the same and smooth?
  • Which one would be a better option in terms of investment-wise?

I will appreciate your answers and thanks in advance!

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From experience I can suggest you that both of them are great! Main difference is Ronin MX can have two batteries and is drone compatible. So you can't go wrong with both of them. Just have in mind that if you have a newer phone, with Android 10 or iPhones newer than iPhone X, you may not be able to use them with the ronin's as of now. I've seen the M and MX used in automotive shoots with speeds up to 100km/h and they hold really strong! No jittery movement or vibrating motors. Both of them are great options and terrible investments if you buy them new in my opinions since as you mentioned, they are old. If you want newer gimbal, try considering crane 3 lab
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