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Duda mando phantom 2 vision
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Hol alguien sabe para que sirve o que ajusta el trimer que yay en la parte trasera derecha del mando del p2vision o del p2 v2 ?? que funcion tiene el trimer ese ???? gracias
Hello, does anyone know what it is for or what adjusts the trimester that is on the right rear of the remote control of the p2vision or the p2 v2? What function does the trimester have? thanks
1-27 11:55
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. For us to be able to assist you further with regards to this issue. Kindly please send an email to for further assistance. Thank you
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That gizmo is what DJI calls a "range extender" because it extends the range of your wifi-enabled mobile device.  It acts as a bridge for the two-way communication system between your drone and your mobile device and allows for the FPV and telemetry display on your flight app.  It has nothing to do with the flight control system of your drone.  To make use of it, you will need a mobile device, the DJI Vision flight app installed on it, and then you'll need to bind the bird-side wifi signal (if there is one) to your RE and mobile device.  Finally, you'll need to clasp your hands together and say a little prayer in hopes that the NAND chip within the wifi module still works correctly, which ain't likely.  Good luck.  
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