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Using Phantom RTK and base Station to create ground control points
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Hi Folks
Is it possible to use the Phantom RTK and base Station to get accuratte ground control point coordinate values? I have a DJI Inspire 2 fitted with a Micasense Altum sensor and I need NIR imagery with high positional accuracy hence the ground control points. What i want to do is leverage the RTK accuracy for the control point values. I see when the phantom and base station are all conected and using RTK I get coordinate values in the app, if I put the phanton in the centre of the control point and make a note of the coordinate would that suffice?

Anyone have any knowledge of the near mythical mode 3 for the base station?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Juggins, it depends on what you mean for "accurate GCP coordinates".

If the P4RTK is correctly connected to an NTRIP correction service via the 4G dongle, you can read on the GS RTK app the coordinates of the aircraft. The same is true if you center the D-RTK2 on a point of known coordinates and you set the above coordinates for the D-RTK2.
But to get centimetric accuracy, you must:
- check if the x,y,z coordinates shown in the DJI GS RTK app are referred to the GNSS antenna phase center or to the center of the camera sensor (those stored into the JPG file);
- correct the Z coordinate shown in the DJI GS RTK app subtracting the distance from the GCP on the terrain.

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