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CAS-3916763-B5Z2R9 - Where are you DJI?!
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André Costa
Flight distance : 1786033 ft

i've been waiting too much for an answer by DJI. I've already sent 3 emails and all i got is an automatic response! Is that the support DJI gives to his costumers?! My Phantom 4 PRO Obsidian just stop working with 20% of battery and fell into a river and i've lost it, i've lost a drone and a day of work. After the crash i've sent the fly log to DJI for an analysis and a few days later DJI sent an email saying:

“Dear Customer,

Thanks for your patience.

This is Katy from the data analysis team, and I will be assisting you on this case from now on for related inquiries about data analysis.

For your case CAS-3916763-B5Z2R9, we have finished the data analysis, and the result is as follows:

1. The aircraft worked in GPS mode and it responded to the pilot's command well;
2. Flight Time T=22:18, Relative Height H=53.4 m, Distance to Home Point D=165.2 m, Battery=21 %, Low Battery RTH request popped up in the APP but it was canceled by the pilot 4 seconds later;
3. T=22:28, H=55.5 m, D=170.2 m, Battery=20 %, the aircraft was hovering and the flight record ended;
4. The home point: 41.0381433 -8.3516537; The last recorded point: 41.0395672 -8.3523988.

Based on the currently available data, the root cause of the incident could not be verified.”

My drone is still under warranty and DJI cannot say “…the root cause of the incident could not be verified.” and give me a 30% discount on a new drone as Katy said later in the same email. After this email i replyed refuting DJI response and till now NO ANSWER BY DJI!

This is my answer to DJI email:

Hello Katy,

I've always been a DJI user since my first drone (Mavic PRO), and now i own a Mavic PRO, a Ronin-S and a Phantom 4 PRO Obsidian (that felt into a river while i was working with). Just to keep in mind that this is not a hobbie, i use DJI products on may daily work as a professional, providing important and beautiful footage to the Portuguese TV stations i work with. Until now,  i've never had problems with DJI products and i've always been a supporter for the DJI products.

Now that i am facing a huge problem with a DJI drone that i've lost, i was expecting a better solution and support from DJI than the 30% discount that DJI offer me. I didn't just lose a drone, i also lost a day of work and the consequent payment. I am a professional and need my Phantom 4 PRO back to keep working.

I can't retrieve the drone because it fell into the Douro River while i was working and it's impossible to get it back from there.

Answering to point 2 of your data analysis (" 2. Flight Time T=22:18, Relative Height H=53.4 m, Distance to Home Point D=165.2 m, Battery=21%, Low Battery RTH request popped up in the APP but it was canceled by the pilot 4 seconds later;) i've canceled the RTH request as i always do it manually and at the time i was still recording and feeling safe with the 21% battery the drone still had. That was more than enough to safely make those 165.2m on his way back to me.
I did nothing wrong to make the drone fall into the water, there was no wind warnings and i wasn't flying in a red area, so it wasn't my fault, it was a technical problem that occurred  and DJI should be responsible for that because the drone is still under warranty. There are cases and cases, and my case was a machine error, a technical error. Don't know if it was a battery problem or a system error.

You should reconsider my case as DJI has always been my first choice. As you said "Based on the currently available data, the root cause of the incident could not be verified", this is not a reasoned justification for the "incident", according to this, i believe you should assume this technical error and give me a new drone.

Waiting for a brief response to my problem.

best regards,

After this email on Jan 14, 2020 DJI didn't said anything than an automatic reply to this email. Already sent 2 diferent emails after the first one and no answer again from DJI.

Im feeling very disappointed with the DJI supportand i hope to see my case solved as soon as possible! 30% discount on a new drone while my Phantom is still under warranty? What a shame DJI!


...appreciate an update on my case please!


2-3 08:43
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi André Costa, you have our sincere apologies for what happened to your drone and the unpleasant experience with our support team, the response was delayed because of the Chinese Spring Festival, we have informed the related team to reply your email in priority, please note the email later. We will also learn from this and keep improving our customer service. Sorry again for the inconvenience caused.
2-3 19:30
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Flight distance : 146808 ft

Hi andré, in September my dji Mavic Pro Platinum felt in the sea with 99% of battery and i couldn't take it anyomore, i contacted dji and they answered that it was my fault that my drone felt because while it was flying (it has just taken off) it couldn't stabilize itself... but even if they say it was my fault they offered me a discount of 15% BUT only for shipment to China mainland and i'm from Italy and I've bought my mavic from an authorized dealer in Italy... now i'm without my drone... i hope your case will finish better...
2-11 08:52
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