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Account & email DJI mess
467 0 2020-2-10
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I've been using Mavic Mini bearly for a few months and as much as I like the drone, I sometimes hate the app and account facilities.

The problem with no possibility to change the email is widely known I guess so I won't be duplicating the "insults" about it here.

But there are other things which are simply annoying/ confusing/ simply wrong:

1. You can create multiple accounts via your DJI Go app by accident - when you try to login with an email and it doesn't exist it asks you to input a password which you would do of course thinking it is your account. But if you are wrong - and you used another login before - then it won’t tell you the account doesn’t exist - it will create a brand new account for you! And it won’t even send you an activation email or so, so you can register your friends too ;)

2. You can set different username on the forum and in your DJI app (shop) and then it gets more confusing. So when you go to the forum from the app it will use your app account (probably - I am already confused here) so when you are logged to the forum on your desktop with the same email address you are in fact a different user then the user accessing the forum from within the app.
For example in my DJI app I had a username nickornotto while here I was nickornotto1. Thanks God I can change the username in the forum which I’ve just did. But you can still see me in this post as nickornotto1 which is understandable - usually you can’t back change your past posts label.

Are you still following? I don’t blame you if you are not.

I’ve been logged into my DJI app as a user who I can’t find anymore because I can’t remember what email it used! I tried all my 3 (2 accidentally created) account in the app and none of it gets the same data, eg. I lost my flight info (hours, distance etc.) in the app because I can’t find the user that I used before.

3. When I go back to the forum from within the app there is no dashboard or else of my profile - so I can’t find the posts I made… unless I filter threads and patiently scan the list.

4. When you are making a post via the DJI app forum you select Products > Mavic > Mavic Mini and make the post thinking you made a post in the Mavic Mini forum. Wrong! Your post was created in the section that you should have selected from the product dropdown available while creating it. The dropdown is very light grey and hardly visible especially is low contrast when outdoors. My post went to „Oslo Pocket” (I don’t even know what it is…). The list of topics in the dropdown is long and trying again I could not even find Mavc on a small screen of my phone…

That's mine few "remarks" on DJI user accounts... if you experienced any other strange things, feel free to comment below.

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