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Phantom 4/5, Zoom version?
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The M2Z zoom ability is like no other.  It's weird how this doesn't exist more often as it seems to be 100% reliable.  Just take that same design and stick it on every new future DJI model variant.

The M2Z is a Highly underrated inspection drone.  It just seems to be the inexpensive counterpart to those who can afford to spend more on the M2P but it's totally not like that.  I have both so I have first-hand experience.
2-10 08:03
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Hi. Thank you for reaching our to DJI Forum and creating this informative post. With regards to the Phantom 4, I am sorry to say that the available zoom feature the said drone's camera is a digital zoom. In addition, as of the moment we don't have any information regarding DJI's future products or features that would be released by DJI in the future. Please stay tuned to the latest news, updates and events by subscribing to the DJI official website at or following us on social media ( Facebook:, Twitter: , YouTube: ). Thank you for your support.
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What about that "one off customer" that has the P4 with the interchangeable lenses , thats got to be a decent useable setup and i wouldnt be surprised if that is not either brought in for the P5 OR, it was actually a P5 trial run for someone with large pockets, not so sure we will ever no the truth on that one, but, i find i strange that theres no further mention of it online, i.e. from the owner commenting on its ability? unless of course they signed and NDA
2-10 18:54
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