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Aftermarket Control Cable
342 1 2020-2-10
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Has anyone found a store selling an aftermarket control cable (USB-C to Micro USB)?  I am currently running a right angle adapter with the Multi Control cable from DJI, but it then sticks up too high and the cable comes in contact with the gimble arms causing it to stop.  I have contacted Support and they say that there is no cable that they know of coming from DJI themself.  I am running a Canon M50.  The Multi Control Cable and their adaptor from Sony to Micro USB make it so long that you cant have it plugged in and get the camera to balance, hence the right angle Micro USB adapter.   Is just seems very clunky.  I have tried just a standard USB-C to Micro USB but it won't control the shutter I'm assuming that DJI has it configured differently.  Thank you in advance for any help.
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out DJI Forum. With regards to this query. I hope that you will get the best recommendation from our valued DJI members who purchased the said cable. Just a friendly reminder that please purchase the said DJI merchandise or accessories to our official DJI online store and official DJI retails stores, for you to be able to purchase the DJI genuine merchandise. For reference I will post a link where in you can check these official DJI stores ( ... ite&from=footer ). Again thank you for your valued support.

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