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Mavic2 Enterprise Battery Error
174 1 2-12 14:08
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Hi Guys,
Not sure if this issue has been spoken of in previous threads, a quick look didn't find this problem i am having.
Mavic2 Enterprise, with 6 batteries in total, all purchased as a package, all used in the same manor, however, just one battery keeps coming up with 'Battery signal error' Please make sure battery is produced by DJI and check connections. Well, the battery is and I have, even very carefully wiping each contact with isopropyl. The battery will charge just fine if you let it sit and go into storage mode.
I even tried plugging Mavic with offending battery into computer and launching Assistant, did a NFZ update, no other messages etc... but when I powered up the drone and controller again, same issue.
Or is a Battery Signal Error DJIs polite way of saying it's dropped a cell??
Any help greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
2-12 14:08
Use props
First Officer

United States

You should create an account on AirData (free version) and upload your logs per the instructions. It will give you a depth of knowledge on your batteries.
2-12 17:26
Use props
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