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Flying a long stretch of several km, divided into multiple flights
472 1 2020-2-22
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Im planning a job that requires filming of a straight line og several kilometeres, this will of course require multiple shorter flights.
Can i use the Waypoint meny, add as many needed waypoints, and save that task, then being able to start the first flight from first waypoint, then relocate and restart and fly out to the second way point, and continue like that until i complete all the legs?

To make the transitions look natural, i should also have the same speed at the overlaps from previous to next waypoint.
Plan is to fade out/fade in between the waypoints, to make it look like one flight.

Anyone attempted this before?
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. With regards to this inquiry. When the Waypoint is set during the mission you can save it by setting it as favorite on the mobile device manually. The number of missions is not limited. When redoing the favorite mission, please make sure the drone is nearby starting point of the mission and without obstacles like building or trees since the drone will follow the same Waypoint that was set on the favorite mission before. If the DJI Go 4 application is uninstalled or the DJI account is logged in on another mobile device, favorite missions cannot be viewed and will be reset. Thank you for your valued support.
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