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Problems with CineSSD/ProRes
831 0 2020-2-26
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Flight distance : 4521 ft
United Kingdom

At the weekend I bought the ProRes license, I have installed it via DJI Assistrant 2 but am having problems.
I have 2 x 240GB SSD bought second hand but know work in colleagues I2.

Upon booting up the bird a message box pops up "The current version of the firmware does not support the file system of this SSD. Please format the SSD; before formatting, backup any files to avoid loss."

From that I have tried to format both SSD in DJI Go 4 which fails. I have looked at formatting with both Windows & OSx - both fail. Windows & OSX both show the SSDs to be exFAT format.
I have rolled back the I2 firmware from v01.02.0300 to v01.02.0200 & v01.02.0100 - all of which fail to format the SSDs and have such error messages come up.

In camera settings, the SSD side has CineDNG selected, when changing to either ProRes versions a box comes up saying "SSD is switching mode" then stays on CineDNG.

I also have crystalsky which I have done factory reset on.

I have emailed DJI support and had no support at all. Does anyone on here have any recommendations?

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