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RONIN-SC, GH5 Active Track Problem
784 2 2020-3-7
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I'm coming into an issue with my Ronin-SC and GH5 with the Active Track Pro - create mode. Now with my GH5 and Lens combo I'm using is on the heavier side, but not over payload capaicty. So when I use Active Track I have my Phone on a tripod behind and above camera mimicing same placement as if on Shoe mount on camera. I also make sure both GH5 (with gimbal centered) and phone are in similar frame with each other.

Now when I'm all setup and I select the subject I want to track you get the option to frame your shot using joystick on Ronin before starting the Active Track mode. When I do this to adjust the frame of my shot the Ronin just begins to drift whatever direction I push the joystick, even though I let go of joystick it will contantly drift that direction until it hits limitations and start wobbling. I also do move the joystick in the opposite direction to compenstae to drift ,but it will still only drift just in that new direction.

Now skipping framing my shot and just starting ActiveTrack for testing purposes. The tracks! for a second....then drifts in direction of the subject's movement and does not stop similar to the issue of trying to frame my shot.

All my equipment is up to date. Not sure if maybe its firmware compatibillity issue with camera and gimbal or what. My GH5 is at ver. 2.5 which compatibility sheet says for ver. 2.2 would assume though that should not be an issue though.

Either way anyone have some insight into this?

Video examples here:

Framing Issue

Tracking Issue

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You need to mount the phone onto the camera hotshoe as it uses the movement of the thing being tracked on the phone to control the gimbal.
You can see why this isn't working in the second video, you move the item and the app sees that it has moved so sends the relevant move commands to the gimbal, which then moves in the correct direction, but as the app never sees the item recentering on its (the phone) screen it never stops the gimbal from moving hence your GH5 keeps moving.

Mount the phone on top of the GH5 and (after re-balancing and re-auto-tuning) all will be well
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