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? to M210 RTK V2 and X7 camera
878 1 2020-3-7
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First Officer
Flight distance : 1170764 ft
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Resently I bought a M210 RTK V2 with the X7 camera. I have been flying the drone for about
17 hours now, and there is some minor issues that irritates me and that delays my workflow.

First thing is, that I have to make a fresh gimbal calibration everytime I have made a batterychange.

Second things is, that when im in the air, the gimball gets out of its calibration, and I have to manualy
try to addjust it to be in level igen.. Its not holding the manual adjustment eigther.
Both issues also applies when using the topmount for the camera and slightly worth than buttom mounting
the camera.

Third thing..   When using the RTK basestation I offent loose RTK signal even thought there is no obstacles
in line of sight to the drone. The RTK station has free view to the airspace and a lot of satelites in sight.
Offent I have to land the drone, restart it and then I got RTK connection again.
Other times I get a critical RTK Error and then I have to bring back the drone for  restart.

Those issues is frustrating especially when you consider the price of the equipment. It also cost a lot of
batterytime. Time that should have been spend flying on my inspection projects.

(Bonus info: Cendence-S, DJI Pilot app, D-RTK basestation, M210 RTK V2, X7 camera and all batteries is updatet to latest
software versions. M210 RTK V2 has been downgraded and then updatet to latest software several times to be
sure there has been no upgrade bugs)

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First Officer
Flight distance : 1170764 ft
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Additional issues I noticed the last days when I have been outside flying my M210 RTK V2.....
1. When inspecting power line towers(masts), the X7 camera wont focus and give me a sharp
Picture. I have to switch to manual focus to be shut the pictures is almost as good as they can

DJI... Any plans to make the DJI Pilot app more useful?

Miss the following functions:

* Better focus control like zoom in on subjects when tapping where to autofocus
* Indications to show what is in focus

2. When shooting in intervals the live view can catch up and ends up freezing for seconds. It's
Frustrating and you loose the feeling with your drone when it happens. This must be a firmware
Issue. Have tested with alternative flight apps with same results. I cant imagine that this is a
Hardware limitation?

DJI.... Any plans at all from your developers to optimize this expensive piece of hardware to suit
Your PS system customers needs more? I fejl that we are left a bit alone here. Aren't we?

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