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Vision Plus Controller Not Working
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I took my Phantom 2 Vision Plus for a fly yesterday. I got one good flight out of it.

Before the start of my second flight, I got a message on the app saying the controller needs recalibration.
After that message, the Phantom would not respond to control inputs. (Luckily I wasn't up in the air.)

So I took it all home, fired up the RC system assistant, connected the controller, turned it on and got nothing.
No lights showed to say it was connected.
Controls movements got no response.
I changed my USB lead, tried to switch things on in different orders etc. Still nothing.
I also tried it in the Phantom Assistant software. No go.

The RC controller still lights up like it's all working.

Next, I set it all up for flight. The Phantom now responds to controls and there is no message on the phone app.
But still it won't connect to the RC System Assistant, and therefor can't be calibrated.

Any suggestions for what I can do?

3-8 22:28
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Mark The Droner
Flight distance : 2917 ft
United States

You have Win 10?  See this.  I also had this problem with win 8.1 last year.  Disabling windows driver signature enforecment is what solved it.  

3-9 02:21
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Narrator. I am sorry for the trouble and thank you for reaching out. For us to be able to assist you further with regards to this issue. Kindly please send an email to for further assistance. Again I am sorry for the trouble and thank you for understanding.
3-9 07:41
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