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Ronin M battery not charging
1466 2 2020-3-20
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United States

So long story short my brother's friend left a ronin m at our house and hasnt taken it back in like 3 years. I asked him about and he said that me and my friend could use it for this short film we shooting. The thought of using a high end gimbal made our eyes light up as we knew the production it would. HOWEVER, once we started setting it up we saw that the ronin m battery wasnt charged. We couldnt fin a charger so we used my brothers charger for his phantom 3 standard. The lights started blinking for second the all of a sudden nothing. There aren't any signs of battery damage so i cant think what happened. After researching I saw a video how u need to update the firmware for the battery to charge, seems simple enoug, the only problme is how do i update the firmware if I cant turn the gimbal on. My brother's friend isnt really much help as he goes to college on the other side of the country and isn't that reliable to begin with. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do. I was wondering if somone nearby who owns a Ronin-M could lend us the gimbal for a the shoot. We live in Newburgh, IN and can be flexible on a deal someone wants to make.
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Hi there, sorry for the troubles with the battery, we recommend to only charge the Ronin-M battery with DJI approved charger, please have a try with the original charger, or you could visit the local retail stores or repair center for assistance.
Retail stores: ... ite&from=footer
Repair center:
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Why was this issue never fixed by DJI?
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