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Ronin S - Best setup for a smooth walk?
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Hey guys,
The last couple of months I have been trying everything to get my DJI Ronin S performing the best way for a simple walk (tryouts, tutorials, manuals, etc).... but so far, the results are still very shaky and my Ronin S doesnt seem to absorb the shocks from my walk. This is what I tried:

Goal: Filming simple walk down on a street with the camera focused on one vanishing point. I want the camera to feel as smooth as possible (as if you 'fly').

How I shoot:
  • I am using the Sony A6400 + Sigma 16mm 1.4
  • I added extra weight to the camera using special weights; this helps and allows perfect balancing... but still not enough for smooth shots.
  • I am now using the default Ronin S settings
  • I usually stick to M2 (Roll + Pan + Tilt) and HOLD the Trigger button as I walk
  • I ran Auto Tune + Test from the Ronin S app.
Can someone share what Ronin S settings you are using to achieve a smooth walk?

Any tips much appreciated.
3-24 06:07
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Smooth shooting with any gimbal style device is tricky and from I have tried and read the Ninja Walk is a great method to get that smooth shooting you are looking for. There are tutorials on YouTube about how to ninja walk with a gimbal to get the best shot.
3-24 08:59
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This is common with all gimbals.
There are some that have an extra z axis addon (that will compensate for up / down motion), but without it gimbals can't compensate for your body moving up and down.
So the only real solution for you is to learn how to walk without moving your body.
Some call it the 'ninja walk' and it looks super funny + it is tiresome as you have to walk with your legs bent.
3-24 23:53
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United States

Thanks / Dank je wel for your advice.
Practicing the Ninja walk in my apartment now, because I cant go out

I also saw this Z-Axis add on for the Ronin S:

It adds to handles on the side and gives Z-axis movement. But I read that it's not worth it.
3-26 13:53
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I have your exact set-up and without an OSS lens you will never get smooth footage. Trust me I tried everything.
I use the 18-105mm OSS SONY lens. I also have a Scotty Makes Stuff Z stabilizer, but without the OSS lens forget it. Also worth noting that the OSS on the 18-105 is a lot superior to the kit lens on the 6400.
For any walking shots i only use my 18-105. I tested for about 6 months getting smooth footage.
Check out what I use here, and if you want to see some of my walking shots checkout my other videos:

3-26 23:36
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