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Struggling to balance Nikon Z w/ Adapter and dslr lens
297 1 2020-3-28
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I am new to this forum. I was in search of some workshops or classes in the Brisbane area (Australia) for the DJI Ronin SC because I cannot get it to balance. I recently went mirrorless and am starting to regret it. I had heard that everybody who went mirrorless loved it and thought it was the best way to go, so I did and now I am not sure. I bought the Ronin SC at the same time as purchase. I was not at all told by anyone or in any of the research I did before purchase that I wouldn't be able to use my F mount lenses (I'm using the adapter for the Z mount body and F mount lens) whilst using the camera on the gimble. However, I have had no success balancing the gimble. I spent about 3 hours on it and could not get it to balance. I did not purchase any Z mount lenses at the time so I have not been able to try to mount my camera with a Z mount lens. Therefore, I cannot tell if the adapter and f mount lenses are too heavy (I tried my 50mm 2.8 but still couldn't get it to balance) or if it is me and I just need to work at it more. Does anyone know or have any ideas or does anyone live in Brisbane who can show me what to do (when we're not social distancing or in self isolation)?

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Hi Rachel, sorry for the troubles with Ronin-SC, it has been tested that Ronin-SC is able to provide stabilization for the camera and lens with a total weight of 2 kg and below. We recommend to use the camera and lens in the Camera Compatibility List on DJI's official website: ... ite&from=footer
If you would like assistance from the shop, you may find one via the link here: ... ite&from=footer
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