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Note 8 dificuldades
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1) Verifico que, o osmo 3 desliga em poucos minutos quando conectado ao Samsung Note 8. 2) Também não fuciona corretamente com a câmera natural do Note 8, exige o Mimo para filmar e fotografar. Precisam melhorar o software para o Osmo 3 interagir totalmente com o Samsung Note 8. Na Lista de Dispositivos, consta sim o Samsung Note 8, mas com falhas.
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Hi there, for the auto-shutdown issue, please first check if there is a need to update the firmware, if yes, please update the firmware to the latest version. If the issue persists, if you have another mobile device, please use the device to help record the issue and provide us with the video for further confirmation.
For controlling the camera without using Mimo app, this function depends on the mobile device's model. Some of the tested mobile phones' photo shooting/video recording function can be triggered by pressing the gimbal's shutter button. Likewise, the front and back cameras can be switched by pressing the trigger button three times, and zooming can be adjusted by the zoom slider. However, most mobile phones only support photo shooting/video recording function. You may test the device again. If the Osmo Mobile 3 is not able to control the shutter of your device's camera, the mobile device may not support this function. Thank you for your understanding.
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