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Cable not being recognized?
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United States

So last year my spark was great, flew it with my OTG cable on my pixel, things were fine.  Now its warm out and I'm trying to start the flight season and practice again. I updated the app on my pixel and the firmware, although I dont think there was a firmware update, just the app.

Anyways, when I connect to my spark, it always says connected on the homepage, and then I can hit GO FLY.  However, it doesnt say RC connected.  I think its supposed to say RC connected.  Because when I tried to fly it, I had the WIFI icon and a signal on the top right corner of the app and that tells me its probably on WIFI?  Whats weird is I had my WIFI turned off though, and my LTE, so its not even possible it was connected via WIFI.

I did a test flight and couldnt go very far..maybe a few hundred feet out and I was getting video transmit errors.  This tells me it was prob on WIFI?

Shouldnt it say RC connected?  If so, what could be my issue?  When I plug in the cable, it says RC connnected really quick, but then goes and say CONNECTED instead.  Then I can hit GO FLY.

So weird....
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DJI Natalia


Hi there, we are sorry to hear about the difficulties that you encountered. Could you please record a video to show us the problem? We'd like to help you check it. At the same time, please try to connect via wifi instead of OTG cable to see if it works normally or not? Thanks.
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