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Zenmuse black X3 zoom compatibility
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Hi DJI forum! New member here. I recently bought a matrice 100 with a slantrange sensor for crop mapping. Needed an RGB camera as well so I hoped on eBay and found a great deal on a zenmuse black X3 zoom with “drone compatible” in the description!! Well I quickly found out that this camera is only compatible with the Osmo and I can’t return the camera... From surfing this forum a bit it looks like a few other users have had this same issue. My question is is it possible to modify this camera so that it is compatible with my matrice? When I fire the drone up with the camera everything other than the gimbal seems to work, so is it as simple as replacing the pitch, role, and yaw motor encoders, or is it a much bigger job? I ask because I picked this camera up brand new for about a 5th of the cost of a used Z3. Thanks in advance for the help!
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Hi there, sorry to know you purchased the wrong camera, black X3 Zoom is only compatible with Osmo, the camera that Matice 100 supports is Zenmuse X3 (white), X5 and XT. We do not recommend modifying the gimbal. Please use the correct gimbal, thanks.
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