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P4P battery issues (dark, not charging)
440 0 2020-4-9
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Flight distance : 615433 ft
United States

I have a P4p battery (5350) and the green leds are not coming on any longer. I've put it on the charger, nothing. I've tried turning it on then putting it on the charger, nothing. I've tried almost everything. BUT I did mange to find out that if you insert the battery into the drone it powers up the uas instantly. Freaked me out at first, but there is'nt any green lights lit up on the battery while inserted. The only thing lit up was the red lights from the uas. DJI Go App says battery info Invalid and volts: N/A.... Battery details: N/A.... What is going on with this battery? Can I save it? Should I trash it?

P.S. Its past warranty


Use props
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