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DJI mobile APP Sucks!
204 2 4-10 17:57
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United States

Are there any suggestions on another app that works great with the osmo mobie 3 besides the app it requires you to use? I was in a great flow when filming my youtube video till i started to review my videos and saw that the video and audio did not match with each other. Somehow the app froze when filming but did not freeze the audio. I wish there was another app that can use the features. As for the stabilizer, its great but the app just cant keep up.
4-10 17:57
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United Kingdom

If your ok just using the gimbal as a stabiliser than go with filmicpro, you can still start and stop recording from the buttons if you enable use volume keys.
4-11 00:07
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I am sorry to read about the issue. What's the mobile device you are using? Please clear up the background apps that are not in use while running the DJI Mimo app, and try to reinstall the app (please note to back up the files before reinstalling it).
Please provide a video of the issue, the mobile device and the OS version, DJI Mimo version you are using if the issue persists. Thank you.
4-11 00:50
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