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Known bugs with v01.08.00.10 firmware
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I decided to write this post both as a reminder for DJI of the serious bugs - and to people who upgrade and find these issues.

With firmware v01.08.00.10, DJI added live streaming, but it looks like it's "half baked" with the following errors (using DJI MIMO on Android):

  • Streaming to facebook - trying this option will give the error: "Login Error: There is an error in logging you into this application. Please try again later". With the correct redirection (which DJI should fix within the DJI Mimo) - you'll need to authorize the use of their web app. If DJI could simply publish the URL to their app, then there would be a workaround.
  • Streaming to YouTube - The settings on the DJI Mimo app might look ok and you'll hear a beep from your OSMO Action camera and see a small red "Live" on the top left of the camera's screen - but the stream will not work. If you go to the stream, you'll see  a message "Waiting for (your channel name)" and nothing else, no matter how much time you'll wait.
  • Cannot see your WIFI on the streaming selection screen: If you enabled on your phone the HotSpot functionality, you might not see it on the list. In this case, select "manual" from the list and enter your SSID (which is the HotSpot channel name) and password. If you see your WiFi SSID on the list but you cannot authenticate to it, then it means the camera doesn't support your WiFi authentication scheme. In that case, go to your router settings and try to lower the authencation method to WPA2 personal with AES encryption.
  • What is the URL with your live stream? good question, unfortunately the Mimo app doesn't show it. If you are streaming to YouTube, then you can see it by going to YouTube web site on your desktop, clicking the icon on the top right, click "My Channel", and you should see a new video on the list. If you want to go directly to the live feed (once DJI will fix this issue!) - on the URL remove the "?view_as=subscriber" and replace it with "/live". If you have a YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers and you have a channel name, then you can simply go: (replace the MYCHANNEL with your channel name, no spaces).

One more thing that I guess people will wonder - when you enter your WiFi/HotSpot credentials - does the app send them to DJI HQ in China? and the answer is: no. They are being saved on your OSMO Action camera, and when you stream, the stream goes from your camera through your WiFi/HotSpot to the Internet, not through your phone (unless you've set your phone as a HotSpot).

Please note: I am not a DJI employee, just another customer (I own both the OSMO action and Pocket).

4-13 09:02
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First Officer

Having been playing with bracketed shooting lately i have found that the options ( number of frames and EV used ) are too small for the windows they are in ( the APP ) so you sort of have to guess what is what.
So that need to be made larger in the APP.
I know the top like are probably 3 pictures  and the bottom one 5 pictures, and you sort of can see what EV option to use, to me its just a not a pretty way to do it, so i would redesign it if i could.

Streaming issues i can not talk about i wouldn't even consider using something like that.
4-13 23:45
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Hi hetzbh....I am having the same issue with Livestream to FB. Just to clarify, you've not found a work around, and the bug will require DJI to make the appropriate edit? Cheers....
4-15 19:40
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At the moment, I didn't find a workaround ... yet. I'm thinking about something and if it will work - i'll be happy to share ;)
4-16 01:52
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