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Phantom 4 Pro Flashing Screen in Video Mode
535 0 2020-4-15
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United States

I have had a Phantom 4 Pro for 2 years now and have had no issues with it at all  Now, every time I put the camera in video mode the screen flickers very fast and part of the screen goes black, and not always the same section turns black as it flickers, it is very erratic. I have attached a screenshot from my iphone to show a still shot of the problem. I was unable to record video of the problem. The video does not show up on my iphone after flying and does not record to the mini sd card either. When I go back to camera mode everything is fine and I am able to take pictures and se them on my iphone and also my mini sd card.

I have tried using my ipad and a different iphone and still have the problem. I have used the mini sd card in another phantom 4 drone and there was no issue with the card. I have not done any updates whatsoever prior to this and it just started happening out of the blue.

Would anyone have any idea on what is causing this?

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 1.22.17 PM.png
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