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DJI SDK developer forum is a space to help developers collaborate with the DJI Developer Community and build their products. Under "Technical Communication" developers can discuss and solve problems, ask for clarification on requirements and share their experiences using the DJI SDK

Rules of DJI Community:

  • Always remain respectful and friendly - this is our number one rule. Please use your best judgement/manners and refrain from personal attacks, verbal hostililty or other communication that can harm the harmony of the DJI Developer Community
  • Sharing high-quality comments and experiences will be rewarded
  • Write clear and concise questions, use your best communication skills and practice patience when answering
  • Any behavior that violates the "Rules of DJI Community" will have a negative consequence.

Guidelines for posting a thread:

Consult with existing resources prior to posting:
Thread Language Limitation:
Please use English to post a thread.

Thread Topics:
If the existing resources cannot solve your problem, please post your topic in this forum for help and feedback, if they fall under one of these categories:

  • Technical consultation (How to): How to use a function of XX
  • Problem feedback (Bug): When using interfaces or documents, there are problems or errors
  • Experience sharing (Share): Share your experience, you will get more rewards

Thread Title Guidelines:
Label your Post title in the simplest and clearest terms - see below for a recommended format:

  • Technical consultation issues:

            How do I use XXXX
            Can I use XXXXXX to XXXX
            What is XXXXX

  • Feedback

            When using XXXXX, an error is reported
            Error message XXXXXX
            Document error XXXXXX

  • Submit requirements needed

            In the XXXX scene, you need to use the XXX function

Please note: If you would like protect your privacy, you can use the online form to send the feedback directly to the DJI Developer Support team

Thread content Guidelines:
Submit your question using a template

  • Product Information (required): Drone model, Third-party development board model
  • Version Information (required): SDK version, Drone and Controller firmware and DJI Assistant 2
  • Function Module (required): the module in question, such as the Camera Manager
  • Environment (required): such as indoor or outdoor
  • Description of Problem (required): such as time, place, cause, etc.

  • Please select the appropriate sections such as MSDK, PSDK, OSDK, etc.
  • Please do not publish the questions and consultation questions in other  forum categories
  • If you have developer non-SDK specific related problems with firmware, account, etc., please post the problem under the "General" section.

This forum only supports DJI Developer SDK technical issues. For questions about other DJI SDK, please send  an E-mail to:
Tello SDK:
RoboMaster SDK:
Livox SDK:

4-22 05:14
Use props
George / გიორგი


yooooo how is it going?
10-17 06:21
Use props
Flight distance : 1915335 ft

Never saw this post before. But it has been here quite a while I see!
11-24 23:58
Use props


thanks a lot for sharing
27 mins ago
Use props
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