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Chinese drone epidemic prevention experience goes to Europe
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Law enforcement in Forli, Italy, is patrolling the streets using DJI drones
Image source: Italian local media Forli Today

As many countries sounded the alarm, the epidemic prevention situation of new coronary pneumonia in Europe became increasingly severe. A few days ago, the Spanish government announced the implementation of nationwide "closing city" measures, the French government announced that the epidemic prevention work has entered the highest stage, and Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and other countries have also upgraded their prevention and control measures to stop the spread of the epidemic.

On the way to contain the spread of the epidemic, China has previously explored various methods of epidemic prevention. Among them, due to the characteristics of easy aggregation and cross-infection in public life, drones have been widely used in epidemic prevention work in many places by virtue of their advantages in air and air. Emergency material delivery, killing and epidemic prevention, etc ...


Police patrol with drones, citizens applaud from balcony
Image source: Italian local media Forli Today

With the comprehensive upgrade of the global anti-epidemic, Chinese drone epidemic prevention experience has also been used for reference by European countries.


After Spain announced the implementation of a 15-day "closed city" measure, Murcia in the southeast began using DJI drones to patrol streets, parks and other public places.

"Please go home, don't stay outside", "Go home quickly" ...

The drone flew to the residential area along the Mediterranean coastline. Through a megaphone, it reminded the citizens not to go out at home, and learned the epidemic prevention knowledge from the air. Drones not only greatly increase the efficiency of police inspections, but also effectively avoid the risk of cross-infection between epidemic prevention workers and residents.


As the first European country to exercise strong control over the epidemic, Italy has always adhered to hard nuclear epidemic prevention. After the full implementation of the nation's "closing the city", the Italian people expressed their emotions through music and art, and actively faced the epidemic; scientific research and medical workers were fighting the epidemic positively by means of technology.

In Naples, DJI Enterprise Partners cooperated with the local Monaldi Hospital. After being approved by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the DJI Matrice M210 was used to carry 3D printing boxes to transport blood, throat swabs and other samples and medicines.


Staff is preparing to transport blood samples

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles has greatly shortened the transportation time. In only 3 minutes, the traditional ground transportation can be completed in 35 minutes.


The staff said, "If there is an elderly person who needs emergency medicine, we can also contact the municipal government within 2 minutes to deliver the medicine. After the drone has landed, we can instruct him to unpack it by telephone."

More importantly, the point-to-point transportation method avoids the risk of personnel infection, and is particularly effective in communities with severe epidemics.


The Norwegian UAV Association summarized China's experience in using drone epidemic prevention, and introduced the application scenarios and operation methods of drone epidemic prevention to local government departments and the public through online.

Among them, the staff of the Norwegian UAV Association focused on showing how to use the App to record messages and broadcast through the megaphone equipped with the drone. They said that even at a distance of fifty meters, the sound still sounded clear.


On the banks of the river in Kristiansand, Norway
Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual version of the drone is performing tasks
Image source: Anders Martinsen

The epidemic has no borders, and the hills and winds are the same. When the medical team went to Europe, the diagnosis and treatment plan was announced, and the world has become a community of destiny.

Facing the escalating and spreading coronavirus, no individual, region or country can stay out of the situation. DJI will also work with global partners to provide strong support for epidemic prevention operations around the world, and jointly win the global epidemic prevention battle.

4-23 05:37
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