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How to customize a UX SDK 5.0 Open Source Widget?
893 0 2020-4-23
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UX SDK 5.0 puts the styling of an app directly in the hands of developers, with many existing widgets ready for a wide range of customizations.  Features like shape, size, color, icons, lines, etc… are now open to be designed.  

For example, the Compass Widget in both iOS and Android, can be customized by changing the layout width, the RC icon, home icon, icon sizes, colors, lines, and many more.   



Customizations for Android can be done with either,  XML or Java.  And customizations for iOS can be done with either, Swift or Objective-C.

In each of the platforms wiki's, you will find on the side a listing of existing widgets.  Under each widget's article you can find detailed “how to” instructions, along with a full list of “customizable” features towards the bottom.

Use props
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