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Mavic Pro
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United States

Our group has been wanting to build a new enterprise application for DJI using the Windows SDK. There is an important business reason that we need to use the Windows SDK rather than iOS or Android, but unfortunately I'm unable to discuss that reason here. (It's possible I could discuss it in a private thread.)

Currently the drone we have been prototyping with is the Mavic Pro, but unfortunately it appears the Windows SDK only supports Mavic 2. I was wondering if there is a technical reason for this? It seems we would need to buy a new drone to move forward with this PoC but I'm not sure we'll be able to do that. I wanted to understand if there are technical limitations with the Mavic Pro that keep it from being supported in the SDK.

Thank you,
4-27 09:38
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South Africa

Hey Jared, I am sorry to hear that. WSDK is sitll on developing and there is no plan for supporting Mavic Pro in a foreseeable future. Because it is too old and dev team are really busy. You can imagine that DJI has so many products and different models, it is a large amount of work to support each model with SDK.
4-27 20:06
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If  DJI  can provide  a better SDK that support windows at the same time,  that would be better.

The currently windows SDK is still not well implemented.
4-27 21:24
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