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Gimbal gyroscope error
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United States

Back in February I flew with my Spark to Florida from NY using the case it came with.  I did some flights around the neighborhood I was staying in but noticed that the Spark would start to have compass errors where I could no longer control the spark (it would take a few seconds to change direction, hard to land, etc.). From this point on I would start to get the gyroscope/compass error anytime I tried to fly the Spark in sport mode.  I enjoy sport mode but I typcally use the Spark for capturing movies, so this didn't bother me too much.  During March the compass/gyroscope error began to become more prevelant.  I did just about every test I think I could find on the internet (Reinstalling firmware, downgrading and re-updating the firmware, multiple resets of the IMU/compass, etc.). Nothing works.  Then at the beginning of April the Spark turned on but the gyroscope camera modual became unresponsive and started telling me there was a failure error.  I haven't crashed the drone, so I believe maybe the cases you are sending these with isn't suitable for flights/travel, which is unfortunate as all these issues began after my flight to FL.  Prior to this I have not had one problem with the spark.  

The drone still flies but I have lost any control over the camera module.  It will launch and fly just fine but without the use of control over the camera and the constant warnings about the gyroscope error/failure I have stopped using it.  I have seen multiple forum posts where this problem seems to be more prevealant than not, even seeing that people are having this issue right out the box.  Which makes me believe there is something within the gyroscope/camera module that is defective or will become defective over short term use.  

SO at the beginning of April I tried to use your help-chat feature and was told I would be sent a pre-paid package to reutrn the drown in.  I have not received any boxes to ship the drone back to you in yet but I did receive an email with a UPS link with a shipping label.  Well if your intention was for me to print the label and send it back to you via UPS isn't great considering I don't have a printer, I don't have a spare box that I can ship this to you in that would prevent even more damage to the drone as it's shipping back to you.  There are no local UPS offices here that are open for me to come in and have them print the shipping label for.   I'm sitting here scratching my head that not only did I spend $400 on a drone that had no guarantee of lasting longer than 12 months, apparently cannot be traveled with in the case you are supplying for it, and that you require us to figure out how to ship this back to you for repair with no guarantee that if it's damaged in transit that I won't be hit with more charges.  

I had planned to purchase the much more expensive drones you are offering, but now I am starting to see why there are so many complaints about your company around my issues outlined above.

If you cannot offer me some better resolution for my issue then I will just order the parts needed to fix the drone myself instead of assume your company knows what it's doing.  Your warrenty on the gyroscope has a seeminly "perfect" timeframe of 6 months, just enough time to buy yourself before these parts seem to fail on their own.  If there is any truth to this, that you are shipping these cheaper units with faulty parts and can't offer me a better solution, I will personally reach out to anyone else with any of these same exact issues across all of your drone offerings as it could be a future class-action lawsuit.  You sell these in every country.

Thank you,
4-30 04:51
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United States

I did open a case but when I check the repairs link it does not list any open cases for me, despite having been sent a UPS label via email
4-30 04:59
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