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Phantom 3 pro, no video feed after update
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United States

Hello all. I hope you can help me.

I have update firmware on both aircraft 1.11.30 and app 3.1.59.

Since then I have lost video feed. I have a pixel 3 phone and I don't think it's a question of

When looking at microsd card I see the photos I have taken and they look fine, so it has to be related to firmware.

Please help.

4-30 11:17
Use props
Flight distance : 117743 ft
United States

Similar issue. Updated drone, and suddenly the light on the front of the board the gimbal is attached to doesn't do anything.  Can't get my computer to find the SD card through the USB port, yet everything else functions correctly.  

So, doing some research, it appears that this is a known issue resulting from a bad FW update?

Interesting. The drone worked fine, has minimal flight time, never so much as a bump, and after updating firmware suddenly my main board is fried? Really?

See this is the problem with companies that release as many updates as DJI does. Every time I power the drone up, it tells me that a new firmware update is required. Not only is it a hassle, but clearly engineering is rushing these updates out on drones that are working perfectly fine, and in this case fried my mint condition drone.

Absolutely astounding incompetence.

DJI, if you're reading this, i want my drone fixed. This is pretty much class action lawsuit material.
5-7 20:56
Use props
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