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Polarizers for ND Filters
206 1 4-30 17:13
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Hello guys,
Quick question. I'm deciding about ordering some ND filters for my Mavic 2 Pro drone (180 degree rule). However the polarized options (NDPL's) cost the same amount as the normal ND's on polarpro. But i was wondering if there is a downside to just ordering these ND filters with polarization. I tend to film a decent amount of water and sky in my shots so i believe that polarizers will be helpful. And in any case i can always turn down the polarization so technichally speaking, there is no bad side to buying/using polarized ND's. Am i correct in this belief? Any input about this purchase would be helpful!

Thank you for all responses in advance!!
4-30 17:13
Use props
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United States

I haven't noticed any downside.
5-1 04:02
Use props
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