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DJI GS Pro extreme suggestion.
241 0 2020-5-1
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Flight distance : 2982907 ft
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United States

Please have it where you can select camera settings such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, picture profile (sharpness, contrast, etc.) as well as AFC and MF w/o having to do a Go4 workaround for DJI GS Pro.

Also, when pressing the camera shutter button on the controller, there is sometimes or all the time no sound so you don't know if it's capturing.  Pressing it on the screen makes it take a picture.  This also happens when using Go4 w/ the P4PV2.0.  Luckily I took it w/ the screen too because I've noticed the camera didn't take the picture. It can be deceiving thinking because you pressed the shutter that it took the shot but actually it didn't.  I had a flight where the whole flight had no shutter sounds then I checked in Go4 to be safe and noticed no pictures.  I've turned everything off and back on and it did indeed make the shutter sounds and save the pictures.  It's not a casual flight around the local park but at least an hour long drive to the location that if you end up having no shots you have to go back and sometimes the weather is bad for the whole week.  You can't risk not having a shot though, prioritizing flight performance for reliability over the camera is ideal that if you increased camera priority that could make the drone crash out of the sky or EXIF data being written incorrectly as the buffering is shortened then I suggest keeping it as it is and if a reflight is necessary then will do.  Very reliable drone.  Works every time as in, it takes off and comes home.
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