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EMF Generated by 5G
404 1 2020-5-1
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Greetings Flyers!

Disclaimer: this is not a conspiracy theory post, as much as I enjoy those, I'm not going down that trail here.

I have a client that has requested some assessments be done on residential development areas and they mentioned that a large number of 5G towers have just been established throughout the region. I need to specifically do inspections on water towers, which are also the highest points in the area so they've been used as the install points for 5G antennae.

Obvioulsy need to avoid electro magnetic fields, generally at all times, but I'm wondering how close I can get to the water towers without having my instrumentation effected.

Is there a way to actually identify 5G towers, and has anyone flown in proximity to them to see how DJI rigs respond to the EMF?

Or perhaps research that's already been done?

I'd be happy to sacrifice an older Phantom model to get some testing done during this project for DJI in exchange for a newer Phantom model is my bird goes down ;)

Any input would be appreciated!
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United States

Base on past experience with towers, I'd certainly give them a wide birth.
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