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360 Spherical Pano
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I am trying to stitch a 360 spherical photo with my mavic air using DJI media maker.
I have noticed that more often than not, the default choice is 360 pano vs. 360 spherical.
Is there a way or setting to use to create a 360 spherical photo?
The 360 pano cuts out the bottom pictures facing straight down and gives a different effect.

Also I'd like to post the photos directly to social media without using skypixel.  Is there an easier way?

My best,

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Alexei Merinov
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Hi, I don’t use the built-in DJI tools for gluing 360 pano. If you use the built-in stapler DJI, it turns out dull, crooked...
Those, not very good.
More fun I have when:

1. I pre-process raw(*.dng) photos in Adobe Lightroom
2. I glue them in AvtoPanoGiga (its best!)
3. I will add the sky from the rolled heavenly spheres. I have a small catalog (I somehow found it on the network),
there are about a dozen pictures there - I have enough for all cases

Here's what I get:

I once did an educational program on this topic here on the forum
True, I did this post a long time ago.
And since then a lot of things have been simplified.
But the main route there is described correctly

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I have a Phanton 4 Adv and used Litch app (paid app) for 360 captures. I know some models of drones have that functionality straight from DJIGO 4, not the case for me Phantos 4 adv. Them I use PTGui to join the pictures and replace the top part of the sky. After that if you wnat to post in Facebook you have to chage the exif information. For that I use Exif Fixer, very simple. Don't think 360 panos run on Instagram. You can also check DJI Pilot, it has the pano function for some models.
6-2 08:05
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