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DJI App crash on iPhone - Mini crashed as well
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Hi everybody

I am saddened to tell that my mavic mini just crashed this afternoon after running a RTH.

While I was flying, my DJI app suddenly shut down and I lost control/signal with my Mini... I assume that my iPhone had not enough disk space so it just shut the app! The consequence has been terrible: I re-open the app immediately but the signal was completely lost and I couldnt be able to connect back to the Mini... Few minutes afterwards, I saw my Mini coming back and starting to descend slowly and vertically.

However, while it was at 3/4 meters high, it started to slightly swing on the left... to then crash on a wall of my building, to finally hit the paved ground.

One of the branch is broken as you can see.. The rest of the Mini seems fine (especially the camera)

What can I do now?

- Is there any chance to have this part changed (I see there are screws to dissamble the branch)? How long would it take and how complicated it is? How much would it cost? I would also bear the risk that there may be other parts in the future that will malfunction as well.

- If not, I assume that buying a new one would be the only solution? But what would I do with this one?

Many thanks for your thoughts and kind help!
Have an excellent day

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5-2 16:45
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

We are regretful for the crash accident, it is recommended to start a ticket online and send in the drone to DJI Repair Center for the evaluation and repair service. It usually may take 5-7 business days for the turnaround excluding the shipping and delivery time, but it may expect to be delayed because of the COVID-19, our repair center will take care of it for you. Please start a ticket here: And the price of the main compartments can be referred to here:
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