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Mavic Air 2 and the Crystalsky
3292 43 2020-5-3
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DIY_Quad Posted at 1-20 22:01
The Fly app is written in 64-bit only and DJI has no plans to make it backward compatible with any 32-bit hardware and/or OS such as Clearsky.
64-bit is the future and DJI doesn't plan on going back....althought that leaves many people in the 32-bit world unhappy.
That's why Clearsky will never work with MA2, or anything that required the Fly app. Period.

My understanding is that the SmartController is 32 bit only. So they have support for 32 bit.
1-23 14:06
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Raf_IZ0QWM Posted at 1-23 13:27
Very well,
we are on the same wavelength.
I prefer to keep my mobile phone which will be updated with my times and will follow the software evolutions.

I agree, after lots of thought and pondering the benefits of a smart controller I am sticking with my phone.

I have only used the Go 4 app twice and think the Fly app is cleaner.  It could definitely use some additional features.

The Android Play Terms of Service prevent DJI from using the Fly app.  Neither Google nor DJI will confirm why.  For Android users this is a slight inconvenience but in someways it allows DJI the latitude to use enterprise level options in the app which may result in more robust features.  

If DJI violated something serious all their products would have been removed from the Android Play store.  
1-23 14:20
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bjr981s Posted at 1-23 14:06
My understanding is that the SmartController is 32 bit only. So they have support for 32 bit.

Yes, they have support for their existing 32-bit products.
But that's just legacy support.
Anything new they introduce has been and will continue to be 64-bit only to make it future proof and cut down on development efforts.

1-26 10:24
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I also have every drone from DJI and was getting ready to sell my brand new phantom 4 v 2.0 because I just purchased the Maverick air s2 very disappointed that we have all these new features and I cannot use the DJI goggles fpv? Also I cannot use the crystal sky system! That's a huge deal-breaker for me. Please fix this DJI. This is supposed to be your new latest and greatest best drone please make it compatible with the older drone features hopefully an update. I have 12 days left on my return policy. I will keep checking for updates or something that is going to let me know that it's going to be updated or I will have to return the product. Very disappointing as I love everything about this except I can't use fpv goggles and most importantly the crystal sky system I paid so much for.
5-4 14:51
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