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Problems connecting a Matrice 210 RTK with OSDK RPi 4
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Drone Model: Matrice 210 RTK (v1)
Drone Firmware: V01.02.0450
OSDK version: 3.9
OSDK platform: Raspberry Pi 4

I'm having 2 problems connecting a Matrice 210RTK with a Raspberry 4 using OSDK and I can't find any solution.

Problem 1:
Connecting at startup. This is what happens during the connection process:
1 - Both systems start and the OSDK application starts connecting with the drone.
2 - Connection fails, even when the OSDK app retrieves the correct drone model and drone firmware version from the drone.
3 - The OSDK app tries reconnecting in a loop until it's finally connected. This retry loop usually takes about 1-2 minutes, but sometimes it goes up to 5 minutes. This results in about 20-40 tries to actually connect.
4 - When the system connects, the app starts working as usual, proving that the app itself works, so it's not a drone or app configuration problem.

Problem 2:
While the app is working, there is a problem with the communication between the drone and the app since most of the data packages the app sends through the OSDK are lost. These lost packages causes the system to be useless when trying to retrieve data in real time, since instead of ~5 samples per second It can only send ~1 per 10 seconds. The system doesn't throw a bandwith usage exception so that doesn't seem like the actual problem.

Additional data:
Both problems appear only when working with the Matrice 210 RTK. This system is currently being used with a Matrice 600 PRO and with the 600 it connects in about 10 seconds and is also able to retrieve the real time data at a rate of ~5 samples per second.
When testing, both Matrice 600 and Matrice 210 are using the same SDK configuration.

Any idea on how to solve this? Or is it a OSDK bug?

Thanks in advance!

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United States

The DJI Developer Support agents that specialize in the the OSDK, are on holiday but will be back tomorrow.  I'll ask them to look at this for you soon!

Lisa - DJI Developer Support, US

5-5 08:27
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xiaolong cheung

South Africa

It is recommended that you use the 1.2.0301 firmware version, as there may be some compatibility issues with the 450 firmware at present. For compatible firmware versions, please refer to the following chart:

Problem 1
==> Normally, this problem and phenomenon does not occur when OSDK is used on M210.
In order to better understand and help you solve the problem, need to know more information such as:
1. System type and version used by Raspberry Pi 4?
2. Hardware connection between Raspberry Pi 4 and M210. USB-TTL (What type of chip)? Or directly using GPIO's UART? It is recommended to provide a picture of the hardware connection.
3. The full log that OSDK could not connect, which could also be picture/video.
4. What is the baud rate used?

Problem 2
==> May I ask if you are using the native sample of DJI OSDK for the test? Such as Telemetry sample?
It is recommended that you provide the full log of the OSDK program running.

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