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Mi crystal sky crash!!!
440 2 5-5 17:55
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Hi mi crystalsky sometime crahs and freeze the image, And also have dalay in the video transmition
i have few drone
Inspire 2
Mavic pro Platinum
All drone are lasted frimware version
The crystal sky 5inch is full update too
5-5 17:55
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Second Officer
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United States

Optimize your Crystalsky.  Turn off / close / stop - all unnecessary tasks.  Example: close unused app's - browsers, apps running in the background.  I always fly in "Airplane Mode".  When you do this, it turns off WiFi and most background apps.  I also reboot the CS after its initial start, this way im sure it clears any lingering unwanted data in the memory bank.  Sadly, Crystalsky is severely underpowered, so you have to give it some help with a little maintenance.
5-9 11:34
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Sorry for the troubles with the CrystalSky, first, please ensure its firmware and the built-in apps’ versions are the latest. When the image transmission is frozen, can the CrystalSky be powered off by pressing the Power button on the right of the panel?

1. If yes, it can be determined that the APP gets stuck. Please follow the steps below to export the logs for further analysis:
a. Files in the path of sdcard/DJI/dji.pilot.go/log
b. Choose Settings > System Settings > Backup & reset > Copy crash logs to SD card
Note: SD card in "Copy crash logs to SD card" refers to the built-in storage rather than SD card in the slot.

2. If neither Power button nor Back button is working, it can be determined that the CrystalSky’s system gets stuck. Please export the system logs for further analysis:
Click Settings > Backup and reset > Copy crash logs to SD card > copy the '' file
Then upload the files to Dropbox or Google Drive and then post the link here.
5-10 21:21
Use props
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