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DJI SDK helps M300 become a new benchmark for industry-grade drones
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DJI’s new M300 RTK was officially released on May 7, 2020. This new model has many advantages -  like the 55-minute long battery life, powerful machine intelligence and six-way positioning obstacle avoidance. Combined with the synchronized release of the newest version of DJI’s SDKs, it will help the M300 shine in a large variety of industries and to explore many new application scenarios.

DJI SDK Support

Payload SDK

Combine customized loads, such as gas detectors, megaphones, and multi-spectral sensors with the M300 RTK. There are now three integrated ports  - SkyPort V2, DJI X-Port and an adaptation of Skyport V1.  The SkyPort V2 and X-Port will greatly reduce the development cycle of drone load and expand drone applications to a wider field. This SDK supports a smoother and easier local upgrade of third-party loads.

Onboard SDK

Give full play to the computing potential of drones. Onboard SDK supports customized development of various functions of the M300 RTK, such as six-way positioning obstacle avoidance, health management system, waypoint flight 2.0, and more.

Mobile SDK

With the help of the Mobile SDK, we developed a dedicated mobile app for theM300 RTK, allowing drone applications to penetrate business scenarios and improve operational efficiency. Supports Waypoint 2.0, advanced professional waypoint planning and more flexible operations.


We have made UX SDK compatible with M300 RTK, allowing applications to visualize the FPV stream and the aircraft’s status information. More advanced features will come in future releases to fully support M300 RTK and its payloads.

Flexible load configuration

M300 RTK provides open interfaces for dual gimbals, a single gimbal and the Onboard SDK. It can support up to three loads at the same time, with a maximum load of 5.95 lbs, making the load configuration more flexible. Use DJI’s Payload SDK to combine dedicated loads with flight platforms to develop exclusive solutions. At present, a variety of industrial loads have completed the adaptation test with M300 RTK.

Convenient development kit

DJI SkyPort provides Payload SDK developers an integrated approach to connect the drone directly to the load. The X-Port’s standard load gimbal is a high-precision three-axis gimbal based on DJI’s SkyPort V2, complete with gimbal function, fully functional open API interface, high compatibility and reliability. It reduces development costs and provides a convenient purchasing method in order to lower the development threshold and increase efficient development. Click to learn and buy:

Rich open capabilities, high-speed interconnection

In the new version, OSDK, MSDK, UX SDK and PSDK can achieve high-speed interworking to meet the needs of large data transmission.

Win-win cooperation to build a drone ecosystem

After years of development, DJI continues to uphold technological openness with an ecological win-win environment. Through the rich cross-platform methods that enable development - such as opening up hardware, open sourcing of software, SDK training and technical support - DJI empowers global developers to open up their vision of the industry, thereby enriching the entire drone marketplace with the power of drone industry leaders.

At present, 7000+ developers have innovated and developed around DJI products and released about 1000 + MSDK applications, distributed in more than 20 fields and more than 40 subdivided industries.

Industry Application Case

Automated inspection program
Product configuration: M300 RTK + H20 / H20T + millimeter wave radar
Solution advantages:

Automatic patrol inspections: low cost, rapid deployment, achievement of highly reliable targeted automated landings on power grid units in various regions.  Powered by automatic route planning, patrol inspection flight automation and coupled with the 360 ° omnidirectional millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar.  The radar has been specifically built with power transmission lines in mind and boasts a detection range of a 0.3cm direct wire to 0.5cm tree branch, thereby guaranteeing the safety of an automated inspection operation.

Compared with the M210RTK, the overall efficiency is about 2 times higher at about half the cost.

Become a developer and join the DJI ecosystem

If you want to learn more about DJI drone development, please log in to the DJI developer website. Register as a developer and unlock more drone functions:

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What are the accessories required to connect Manifold 2 to Matrice 300? I understand that there is an Onboard Computer Adapter Board. Is that available yet?
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