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Mavic Air 2 is this true?
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Mavic Air 2 is this true?

the range is reduced 40% in the EU as the transponder reduces its power for our market.

EU model doesn’t have ADS-B

Its hardware as  well as firmware.  DJI confirm a component shortage at the current time  led them to only put it in the US market for now.  Any Mavoc Air 2  bought in europe right now will never have air sense.?

Given we are paying more for it, not having the same hardware, signal strength or even classification mad.

we dont get air sense in the  EU model, plus they havent certified it to the new classes, meaning when  we adopt the new rules it becomes classed as legacy and we cant fly it  within 150m of anyone or any building.

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The Euro version is CE so it would seem less range. That is a regulation DJI must obey. As far as ADS-B, that is disappointing.
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