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Drone flying practice app
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hey Everyone,

Total noob. I just got a Mavic Mini. Is there some app to which I can connect my DJI controller with and practice my flying skills (like virtually, on my computer or smartphone) while stuck at home due to this quarantine sh*t. I definitely take it out to practice when I can but say like right now I would love to take it out and practice BUT its night time n could really use the extra practice. peace

5-11 23:28
Use props


Actually yes a soft exists, it is named DJI Flight Simulator but seems to be abandoned by DJI as the most recent drone available in the app is the Mavic Pro 2.
So now, it misses the Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2 which is a shame as these 2 drones are the ones for beginners (who need to practice the most).
Moreover, althought it misses these 2 models, the respective remote crontrollers are not working whith the soft. We could at least be able to control a Mavic Pro 2 with our controllers, but no have no way to get used to manipulate and accomodate with our RC, except make the drone flying for real !
I'm very disapppointed about this, especially as you said during these troubled moments :[
6-11 07:50
Use props
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