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DJI GS pro / Waypoint Error 5000 / P4
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Expedition Edge
Flight distance : 7769 ft

Dear DJI-Community,

Today I wanted to test out the DJI GroundStation pro (GS pro) app for 3D Mapping. I created a flight plan to fly for my Phantom 4 (non pro plus whatever - the basic old version).

But when it comes to flying the plan, I get an Error -5000 under waypoints (see picture).


What I tried so far:
Searching (!) for this error
Reading the Handbook
Tabbing [Retry] doesn't do anything.Restarting everything (Drone, iPad, App, Remote) doesn't do anything.
Drone and Remote and iPad are on newest version/firmware.
Yes, remote switch is not in sport mode and yes, drone is not in beginner mode.

What am I doing wrong?
I thought for a second that the Phantom 4 is simply not supported, but even in the DJI GS pro handbook the example images for all options are displayed with the P4 (non pro/advanced)

5-12 06:37
Use props
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